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7 facts about your carpet that will make your hair stand on end

MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019

The things that lurk in your carpet are pretty surprising. If these 7 carpet facts make your hair stand on end, don't hesitate to schedule a carpet cleaning with Mark Ray's Chem-Dry III of Lodi. We will remove pet dander, bacteria, allergens, dust, and more from your carpet! Schedule here.

PET DANDERsmall dog on carpet in Lodi California

Pet dander, pollen, dust, and other allergen triggers stay trapped securely in carpet causing you and your family to be uncomfortable in your own home.


boy sneezing because of allergies in Lodi California

50% of average American homes have so many dust mites that a person who did not previously have an allergy may develop one.


Everything you step on outside gets brought into your house. If you aren’t someone who takes your shoes off before walking on the carpet, then you will track in a number of elements and potential stain causers.

STOMACH FLUweekly calendar Lodi CA

Norovirus, which causes uncomfortable vomiting and diarrhea, is capable of surviving in carpet for two weeks. It is highly contagious!

POUNDS OF DIRThandful of dirt in Lodi CA

Several pounds, that's right pounds, of dirt accumulate under a carpet every year.

MILLIONS OF SKIN FLAKESbaby crawling on rug in Lodi CA

Each hour you shed 1.5 million skin flakes, on average. Those dead skin cells get trapped into your carpet where dust mites can feast on them.

BACTERIA LIVE ONcarpet bacteria in Lodi CA

Bacteria survive for 4-6 weeks on carpet. After carpet is walked on or used, the bacteria become airborne.