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Celebrate With a Green Carpet Cleaning


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year by scheduling a green carpet cleaning!

What makes our carpet cleaning green?

Green Certified Cleaning Solution

The Natural®, our signature cleaning solution, is green certified and non-toxic.  

We use less water

Most steam cleaners use 80% more water than us to clean carpets. Because we use less water, carpets cleaned by us dry faster!

No harsh chemicals

Rather than use harsh chemicals, Chem-Dry prefers to use a natural carpet cleaner when taking care of your carpets and area rugs. This green-certified solution, The Natural®, allows us to provide a healthy eco carpet cleaning service while still achieving some of the best results on the market.

Why a green cleaning?

A green carpet cleaning gives you peace of mind. You know you are getting the cleanest carpets in the best way possible. Green carpet cleaning methods have minimal impact on the environment while still showing maximum results.

What should I do next?

Schedule a carpet cleaning with Mark Ray's III of Lodi, click here