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How to keep dog hair off your furniture

TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019

Alright, let's talk dog fur. Managing dog fur is next to impossible, but we have some tips that can help. Regular efforts will help keep their hair to a minimum and keep dog hair off furniture. 

dog resting on leather sofa in Lodi CA

If you are taking preventative measures and have not welcomed a new pet into the family yet, do some research. If hair is something that will drive you crazy, look into buying a breed that doesn't shed as much or is hairless. 

Keep lint rollers in each room. Purchase a pack of miniature lint rollers and keep one in and inconspicuous place in each room. That way you can make hair removal a part of your routine.

Don’t want to spend money on lint rollers? Purchase some tape instead. Roll it around your hand with the sticky side out.

lint roller on a blue towel in Lodi CA

Vacuum regularly or the hair from your floor can fly up and get stuck on your sofa. 

Bonus tip: keep a handheld vacuum close by for easier access.

Extra bonus tip: purchase a robot vacuum. Let it do the vacuuming for you and keep the hair to a minimum!

roomba robot vacuum in Lodi CA home

Remember regular grooming! Stop the hair before your pet sheds it by grooming your animal regularly. 

dog getting groomed in a bathtub in Lodi CA

Bonus tip: in between groomings, brush and wash your dog often. Brushing will help get rid of loose hair before it has a chance to fall on your furniture.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to keep dog hair off your furniture is train your dog. If they are a new puppy, teach them that they are not allowed on the furniture. Or, lay out a throw blanket specifically for your dog to relax on. Teach them where their spot is on the sofa so they don’t spread hair all over.

dog lying on a blanket on top of a sofa in Lodi CApug dog lying on a blanket on top of a couch in Lodi cA

Be mindful about the furniture and decor you purchase. Buy throws that have a removable cover so you can toss them in the wash every so often. As for furniture, avoid textured fabrics like velvet because dog hair clings to it! Leather and microfiber are better for repelling dog fur.

dog and children sitting on top of a purple couch in Lodi CA

Pick camouflage carpet ...not literally camo print, but if you are in the planning stages of your home consider getting carpet the same color as your dog. Fur will shed, it’s inevitable, but if it blends in the carpet it won’t be as visual.

white dog resting on a white rug in Lodi CA

It's near impossible to eliminate dog fur from your house and your furniture, but these tips are sure to help. As for the deeper rooted fur and allergens, give us a call. We can remove 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery in Lodi CA. Give us a call now! 209-957-8530